Symptoms of Neuropathy

Symptoms of neuropathy include tingling, “pins and needles”, weakness, pain, numbness, extreme sensitivity to touch, trouble feeling heat or cold and loss of sensation. The severity of symptoms varies from one people to another. Some people experience sharp piercing pain, others have persistent pins and needles. Still other feel a persistent dull ache behind the knees especially after long periods of standing and walking. However, some people with nerve damage have no symptoms at all as these depend on which nerves are affected.

The risk of getting neuropathy or nerve damage increases with factors like diabetes, aging, lifestyle choices like alcohol consumption and smoking, traumas like accidents and injuries as well as infections. They also increase with daily activities and postures that compress the nerves such as prolonged sitting, wearing high heels, repetitive activity like typing and so on.

Improper nutrition can also cause nerve damage, particularly a lack of vitamin Bs as these are essential for healthy nerves. If you feel numbness or tingling in your hands and feet, it may mean your nerves are not being properly nourished.

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